Frequently Asked Questions

How many Ski Runs per day with a Snow Cat?
A typical ski day is 8-15 runs. Each run is 800-1,200 vertical feet normally on a North Facing slope. A typical day is 8,000-16,000 vertical feet. Because we group our guests as best as we can with their skier ability, we avoid wait time as mush as possible.
What should my skiing ability be?
We recommend all guests are strong intermediate skiers to experts and are comfortable with skiing or boarding in deep powder. Our terrain can have open bowls, tight trees, and of course deep powder. If a guest is not comfortable on terrain, they are allowed to sit in the Cat until the end of the day. A refund will not be issued.

What about snowboarding?
We love our Snowboarders here at Whisper Ridge. In fact, our owner is a Snowboarder. All Borders need to be experienced and have strong intermediate to expert skills to navigate through trees & deep powder. We do recommend our Borders to bring collapsible poles that can be carried in a personal day pack.

Can I rent skis?
Yes, we have an impressive selection of DPS Demos for $55.00 a pair. We do not have ski poles or boots, so please be prepared and bring your own. Our Ski Tech can help you find the perfect pair of skis when you arrive.

What should I bring for the Overnight Yurt Stay?
Casual warm clothes for the dining yurt. There will be 2-36 guests, so please bring warm clothes you are comfortable lounging in with other guests.
Bathing suit for hot tub
Snow boots, ski socks, ski goggles, gloves, helmet, hat, ski pants, ski jacket, warm layers, and anything else you like to ski in.
Ski Boots – We do not provide ski boots, so please bring your own, or make arrangements with a rental company before you arrive. Whisper Ridge is not responsible for ski boots.
Headlamp for using the bathroom at night
Toiletry kit
Snow Boots- There can be a lot of snow in the Yurt village. Having a good pair of snow boots is recommended.
Yurt Slippers- A lot of guests like to have their slippers to keep their feet warm inside the sleeping yurts.
Ear plugs-Since our yurts are shared, we recommend bringing ear plugs if you are a light sleeper.

How long is a typical overnight stay?

A typical overnight stay in our yurts is usually 3 days and 4 nights. Staying in our yurts allows you to truly immerse yourself in the backcountry and “unplug” from the world.

How much do I tip?
As with any service, it is customary to leave a tip. It is not required, but if you experienced good service, our team greatly appreciates it. A typical tip is 10% of your trip or $100 per day depending on what feels right to you.

What if I need to leave early?
We do not recommend any of our guests leave early but understand emergencies happen. Due to weather, we can’t always pick our guests up on a snowmobile. If the weather cooperates, we can certainly get you to basecamp. Since our Yurt Village is located an hour deep into the backcountry, arranging a snowcat can take up to three hours, and is not guaranteed. if so, an additional $1,000 fee will be charged.

What is your refund policy?
We do not offer cash back for any circumstances here at Whisper Ridge. If your trip is postponed due to weather, we will call you to discuss travel plans. We will issue a voucher that can be used for two ski seasons. We recommend all guests have trip insurance. Whisper Ridge is not liable for clients who have to cancel, and will not issue a voucher.

Where are you located?
We are located in Paradise, Utah. We are 90 minutes north of Salt Lake City International Airport, 20 minutes south of Logan, Utah.

How do we get there from the airport?
We recommend our guests rent a four wheel drive or AWD car. We have found it is less expensive and easier for guests to rent their own car. We can arrange for a shuttle service if need be.

What are the arrival times?
We offer two options for arrivals.
1. Evening Arrival- 5:00pm at our Headquarters in Paradise, Utah. Once you have your skis set, and checked in, we will drive an additional 15 minutes to our Basecamp where a snowcat will take you to the Yurt Village. We recommend you dress semi-warm, as our heated cats can be a little chilly for some guests. This is an hour long drive. If you get motion sickness, we recommend you bringing Dramamine, or tell your guide and we will reserve a seat up front with our driver.

2. Morning Arrival-7:00am at our Headquarters. Please be ready wth your ski gear on. We will check you in, for your day of skiing. If you are staying the night at the Yurts, the guides will take your luggage, and have it in your room when you arrive.

What are the Yurts like?
Our Yurts are located an hour into the backcountry in a very remote area. We run off of several generators to provide you with power, heat & water. Each Yurt can sleep, 6 guests. Each room is semi- private, in which we have sturdy barn wood room dividers for privacy. In your room, you will have two cozy queen size beds, down comforters with extra blankets, king size pillows, a dresser, a lounge chair, and a trunk to put your luggage on. Each room is nicely decorated and every room is different. Most of the furniture are unique antiques from Utah’s past and add a touch of comfort. There is one pellet stove in each Yurt, that the Yurt Captains take care of. You will have a small charging station for your electronics, but we ask you limit your charge as our generators have limited power.
Our dining room has a large dining table that can sit 15 guests. We like to have family style dinner as well as an area to relax on our plush couches.

What is the food like?
Here at Whisper Ridge, we know our skiers need calories for their long day of skiing. We also believe in the power of excellent food that makes our guests feel well fed. A typical breakfast is a breakfast burrito or sandwich, fresh fruit, yogurt, bagel with jam and cream cheese, breakfast pastries, coffee, juice & tea.
We like our guests to get as many ski runs as possible, so we pack gourmet lunch sacks that include a hearty sandwich with fresh bread ( gluten free options available) potato or pasta salad, snacks & a beverage.
Dinner is the crown jewel of the dining options. Our Chefs prepares a variety of dinner options throughout the week which include Prime Rib, Herbed Roasted Chicken, Salmon, and so on. Every meal comes with a great dessert.

Is there Liquor in Utah?!
Yes, Utah has an amazing variety of fine wines, craft beers & award winning spirits. Whisper Ridge does not provide alcohol, but you are welcome to bring your own. All liquor must be purchased in Utah. If you need us to help pick up your order, please let us know and we will be happy to do so.

What should I bring with me on my cat skiing trip?

A small backcountry ski pack is appropriate.  Space in the Cat is limited so pack light.  Be aware that the cat is warm and more time will be spent in the cat than in the elements.  A few of your favorite energy bars can be a nice addition although we provide snacks and water throughout the day.

What will the snow conditions be like in February?

It is impossible to accurately predict snow conditions more than a few days out.  There are many factors at play.  Temps, precipitation and wind all factor in to the snow conditions on a day to day basis.  Also, seasonal snowfall totals vary from year to year.

What will we eat for lunch?

Lunch is prepared daily by our in-house chef.  Expect wraps and sandwiches along with pasta or potato salad, some fruit and a cookie. Please advise us of any dietary restrictions or food allergies prior to your trip.

How can I be sure that I am in a cat with advanced skiers/boarders?

We do our best to match abilities.  We use a skier ability questionnaire on which guests self report regarding their ability.  This means that sometimes a guest may overstate their ability and end up in the advanced cat.  We strive to rectify this situation when it comes up but, it isn’t always possible. A private cat is the only foolproof way to assure riding ability.

Should I bring my avalanche transceiver, shovel and probe?

Absolutely! If you would like to use your own gear we support that.  Prior to departure your guides will check the functionality of your transceiver. We can also provide an avalanche transceiver to each guest.  Each cat is equipped with 3 guest packs that contain a shovel and probe as well.  In addition, each guide carries avalanche safety gear and first aid equipment.

What qualifications will my guides have?

All of the guides at Whisper Ridge hold an Avalanche 2 and Wilderness First Responder or Outdoor Emergency Care certification. In addition, many are also EMT’s.  All have been working in the outdoors guiding and instructing skiers for years.  Most come from a ski patrol background.  We seek engaging, passionate guides that will prioritize our guests experience.