Name: Cort

Nickname: Nails

Job Title: Owner

Zodiac Sign: Aires

Favorite Food: Authentic Mexican Food

Countries Visited: 2

Favorite Country: ‘Merica!

Favorite Hobby: Sports in general

Scariest thing you’ve done: I got charged by a moose when I was 14. I was walking home after a day of skiing in my open ski boots. I heard the trees rustling next to me in the creek bed behind my house, before I even looked I knew what was happening, I was being charged. But I looked over my shoulder and caught direct eye contact with the moose. At that moment I knew, “This is how I’m going out,” I dropped to the ground in the fetal position. I was so petrified from the shock that in my head I thought that I was actually trampled but luckily when I dropped to the ground the moose turned around and ran away.

Coolest thing you’ve done: I lived in Mexico City for nine months.

Guilty Pleasure: ICE CREAM! Ben & Jerry’s Americone Dream to be specific

Fun Fact: My left arm is shorter than my right. I seperated my shoulder and broke my growth plate playing football when I was about 14 and my left arm never grew anymore.

Favorite Place to Ski: Whisper Ridge, especially Paradox!

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