Thank you all so very much for spreading the word and sharing the love for the forthcoming Whisper Ridge Bike Park!

As we continue testing the viability of this program, the community response and initial trial testing has proven overwhelmingly positive and is far exceeding our expectations. This furthers our proof of concept for a viable commercial Heli-MTB program here in the state of UT, inspiring us to expand our terrain offerings and double our trail-building efforts. A special thank you to our VIP comp guests for your attendance and feedback, as well as our pre-purchase voucher future guests.

With this level of enthusiasm and support in mind, we’re energized and driving forward as we continue to refine the program and plan our official launch.

Moving forward, we are continuing to focus on community involvement at all levels, from our media and trade partners within the MTB industry, to local and state government agencies, we remain committed to becoming one of North America’s premiere mountain biking destinations.

We would like to express our gratitude to the people and landscape of Utah – its extraordinary outdoor adventure and biking community, its diversity of terrain and the unique quality of Whisper Ridge’s cool and shady high-country. These all work in concert to create an amazing opportunity for Heli-MTB right here in our home state.

As our next step, we will continue refining our program and developing terrain to best serve riders of all levels. This will begin with a small group of pro riders on-site providing trail evaluations and feedback. Keep an eye out for what will surely be jaw-dropping content coming at you shortly.

Meanwhile, please stay tuned for a Grand Opening announcement and updates from the field…

Thank you again for all of your excitement and positive feedback!


Join us for Heli-Biking at Whisper Ridge for as little as $200 a day. Enjoy epic downhill with fresh and tacky flowy-loam trails that carve through ancient old-growth forest – deep in the shadiest aspects of our Northern-Utah high country. We limit the number of riders per day on our private-access terrain, guaranteeing  you’re laps are totally uninterrupted with zero cross-traffic.


Heli-Biking on fresh, tacky, flowy-loam, old growth forrest. Cool high-country, shady aspects. Limited number of guests per day on fully private trails. No public access.


All of our equipment is professionally maintained, and we are staffed with experienced guides who are intimately familiar with our terrain and current conditions. We pride ourselves on making sure that you don’t have to worry about safety, allowing you the space to focus your energies on having the time or your life.


70,000 private acres of rideable terrain, endless trails and historic logging roads to explore. Less than an hour drive from Bear Lake or SLC International Airport.


Relieve some stress while enjoying everything “North America’s Backcountry Kingdom” has to offer. Forget all your worries and obligations and decompress in the beauty of the Northern Wasatch.


Your Heli-Biking experience of a lifetime starts on the half hour, in the morning and doesn’t end until you’ve had your fill or we’ve run out of daylight to fly in.

Your Ticket to the High Country

A heli charter day pass includes access to the Limberpine trail as well as your first heli drop. Additional heli drops can be added onsite $100 per drop.

The Heli Passport and Six Pack are all about flexibility. Pre-purchase your Single Day Heli Passport or Six Pack and ride with us anytime this summer or next. Grab six of your riding buddies and join us for a day or ride solo for six days throughout the season at your leisure.

The six pack is an especially great choice for locals, corporate groups or anyone looking for flexibility in booking. The six pack also makes a great gift that keeps on giving!

Your Heli-Biking Experience

It’s a Bird.
There isn’t much that compares to the rush of flying in a helicopter and skiing the greatest snow on earth…except maybe swapping seasons and ripping the high country on two wheels!

Here at Whisper Ridge, you can experience both and make memories that last a lifetime. You don’t have to be a professional rider or movie star to enjoy heli access. With over 70,000 acres of private land, we have the terrain so suit all abilities.

Get Vertical.
Each heli-drop can carry up to 6 guests and bikes per lift. You can book either an individual spot or the entire helicopter privately. Flight time is subject to weather and/or snow conditions.

Enjoy the Stay.
With our Mountaintop Yurt Village and newly-added Airstream Camp, you can make it a multi-day adventure with deluxe backcountry accommodations.


Stay in the Snow.

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